Solar power can be a subject of debate, and rightfully so since getting solar panels installed on your roof is a commitment both financially and physically (for your home).  Although the advantages of renewable solar energy greatly outweigh their disadvantages, not everyone may qualify to get solar.

There are certainly qualifications that must be met in order to go solar, like owning a home, but other factors can also hinder someone’s decision.  The goal is to put homeowners at ease when it comes to an investment like solar energy.  Providing as much information about solar power results in more positive outcomes and expectations.

There are always two sides to everything, and we thought we’d layout the expressed reasons of why or why not to go solar.  There may be one or more issues for you on either side of the coin, and this hopefully provides some enlightenment on certain perspectives. 

You own the home you live inYou don’t own the home you live in
Property location is ideal where it is consistently exposed to sunlight for most of the dayProperty location does not get direct exposure to sunlight and/or gets constantly shaded by buildings, trees, etc. with little ability to change situation for longer exposure to sunlight
Electricity bills are consistently high and continue to historically increaseElectricity bills are manageable, relatively low
Electricity usage expected to increase household growing in size, staying home longer, adding electric vehicle, adding a pool/spa, more large appliances, etc.Usage is consistent and low or no big plans for expansion of any kind
Supportive of environmental initiatives.  Like the idea of renewable energy and of helping the environment from greenhouse effects regardless of costMay or may not have a position on solar or any other renewable energy options and its relation to greenhouse effects or other environmental issues.  Simply think the value of solar is not there
Solar is affordable and will save me more money in the long runSolar is too expensive. Don’t see myself saving that much within specified period of time.
Financing Option for Solar
Credit is good to excellent and can get affordable rate for financing
Financing Option for Solar
Credit is poor and may not be qualified to get affordable rate for financing defeating the overall savings per month and/or years
Purchase of solar
 Looking for large overall savings (monthly/years) to eventually totally get rid of electric bills
Don’t mind fluctuations of monthly electricity bills vs. longer term monthly payments of loan period (if financing)
Understand the different options (purchase, lease, power purchase agreement) in getting solar and know which one to go withDon’t understand options to getting solar and refuse to deal with it.
Received multiple bids from solar companies providing ideal situation to getting solar now.Continue to wait until prices get even lower. See it going down every year.
Aesthetics of panels on roof top is not an issueDon’t like the look of panels on any part of the roof regardless of benefits
Roof is in good to excellent condition with minimal repair that will outlast the life of solar panels of 25+ yearsRoof is in poor condition and in need of major repair or replacement and will not last the life of the solar panels of more than 25+ years
Want to produce own sustainable power.  Don’t want to rely only on the grid for power.Prefer power from local utility company regardless of fluctuations in pricing
Do not want monthly electric bills that always change based on season and time of useDon’t pay attention or care about changes in electricity pricing.  Just want power at all times.
Want to take advantage of available Federal Solar Tax Credit (currently 26%)Federal Solar Tax Credit of 26% will not be enough of a tax write-off to take advantage.
Qualify for Federal Tax CreditStatus does not qualify for Federal Tax Credit
Ready to move on to renewable energy with no thought of complexity of the technologyToo complicated regarding technology, financing, and programs
Fully understand the many benefits of going solarFeel there are no benefits or believe the benefits are falsely driven

As you’ve read through our table of information on solar issues, you may have other concerns that were not covered.  Or, you may have more questions or want additional information on issues mentioned here. 

Our advice is to make sure to express concerns and don’t leave out any questions when making a decision on going solar in order to get peace-of-mind that solar power is a great investment for you.  There are lots of issues to discuss, and a solar consultant, whether it’s ours or anyone else’s, needs to address each one.  Remember, depending on the length of financing or the amount spent for solar technology, it’s something you’ll have to live with.  A great solar power system will last and should last more than 25+ years. Call us at (951) 338-8060 to discuss any of your solar concerns or issues.  We’ll be happy to help.